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Belief in Global Warming Among Americans Gradually Increases Following the Winter of 2015

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July 2015


In the wake of a memorable winter season in the United States that included both record cold and snow in the Northeast and historic warmth and drought in the West, American views regarding the existence of global warming remain largely unchanged from the fall of 2014. However, there are notable differences among Americans who think global warming is occurring and those who do not in terms of their perceptions of the weather that they experienced during the winter of 2015. In essence views on the existence of global warming appear related to individuals’ evaluations of the weather their area experienced last winter, with those expressing doubt in global warming more likely than their counterparts to identify the last winter season as colder than average. These are among the key findings of the latest version of the National Surveys on Energy and Environment (NSEE).

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Keywords: Environment, Public Opinion

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