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The CLOSUP Working Paper Series is targeted toward academic audiences and informed policymakers and includes research papers that are complete and ready for public presentation. Any topic relevant to local, state, and/or urban policy issues is eligible for inclusion.

This Working Paper Series will be presented in a searchable database soon. Meanwhile, the first entries in the series are presented below.

The Risk of Unemployment among Disadvantaged and Advantaged Male Workers, 1968-2003
Benjamin Keys and Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

Changing Poverty and Changing Antipoverty Policies
Maria Cancian, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

The Supplemental Security Income Program and Material Hardship after the 1996 Welfare Reform
Lucie Schmidt, Williams College, and Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

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Guidelines for the CLOSUP Working Papers Series

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