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The CLOSUP Working Paper Series is targeted toward academic audiences and informed policymakers and includes research papers that are complete and ready for public presentation. Any topic relevant to local, state, and/or urban policy issues is eligible for inclusion. Current papers in the series are presented below.

(*: indicates graduate* or undergraduate** student author)

Opportunities for Bipartisanship: Comparing Water and Climate Policy in the Great Lakes Region
Abigail M. Randall**, University of Michigan

Renewable Energy in the Cowboy State
Kseniya Husak*, Jackie Wrage*, Malika Begum*, University of Michigan

Oregon: Landscape of Renewable Energy Policy
Emily Blackmer*, Katherine Cunningham*, Zoe Fullem*, University of Michigan

Renewable Energy Policy in Minnesota
Sharon Hu*, Sacha-Rose Phillips*, Samantha VanDyke*, University of Michigan

Renewable Energy in Iowa
Austin Glass*, Karl Hoesch*, Nocona Sanders*, University of Michigan

California: Landscape of Renewable Energy Policy
Molly Blondell*, Akshat Kasliwal*, Doug Noe*, Owen Watson*, University of Michigan

Renewable Energy Policy in Texas
Christopher Bowman*, Guy Packard*, Zach Pritchard*, University of Michigan

Local Government Fiscal Health: Comparing Self-Assessments to Conventional Measures
Stephanie Leiser and Sarah Mills, University of Michigan

Modeling ‘A Sense of Place’: Evaluating the Roles of Knowledge and Reputation in Neighborhood Dynamics via Online Surveys
Lydia Wileden*, University of Michigan

Dynamics of Climate Change Belief in Rural and Wind Turbine Communities
Rio Mizuno**, University of Michigan

Trusting in the Future: The Re-Emergence of State Trust Funds in the Shale Era
Barry G. Rabe and Rachel Hampton

Seasons Gone By: An Examination of Individual Perceptions of Past Weather and Their Views on Global Warming
Christopher Borick, Erick Lachapelle, and Barry G. Rabe

A Survey of Environmental Policies Among the States: 2015
Heather Kirkpatrick

The Durability of Carbon Cap‐and‐Trade Policy
Barry G. Rabe, University of Michigan

Taxing Fracking: The Politics of State Severance Taxes in the Shale Era
Barry G. Rabe, University of Michigan, and Rachel Hampton, University of Michigan

Transformation of America’s Metropolitan Area Economies: Lessons from Four Decades
George A. Fulton, Donald R. Grimes, Yuanlei Zhu Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy and Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics

Feasibility and Implications of the Michigan 2012 Proposal 3 for a 25% State Renewable Portfolio Standard
Elisabeth Moyer, Sean Johnson, Lexie Goldberger, Joe Zhu, Center for Robust Decision-making on Climate and Energy Policy, University of Chicago

Building Affordable Housing in Cities after Abandonment: The Case of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Developments in Detroit
Lan Deng, University of Michigan

Who Benefits from KIPP?
Joshua Angrist (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Susan Dynarski (University of Michigan), Thomas Kane (Harvard University), Parag Pathak (MIT), and Christopher Walters (MIT)

Mandating Change: Assessing the Implementation of the Michigan Merit Curriculum
Steven Byrd and Kasia Langer, University of Michigan

The Risk of Unemployment among Disadvantaged and Advantaged Male Workers, 1968-2003
Benjamin Keys and Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

Changing Poverty and Changing Antipoverty Policies
Maria Cancian, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

The Supplemental Security Income Program and Material Hardship after the 1996 Welfare Reform
Lucie Schmidt, Williams College, and Sheldon Danziger, University of Michigan

Labor Market Outcomes and the Transition to Adulthood
Sheldon H. Danziger and David Ratner, University of Michigan

Prospects for Expanding Regional Planning Efforts
Elisabeth R. Gerber, Carolyn G. Loh

Rational Ignorance in Education: A Field Experiment in Student Plagiarism.
Brian Jacob

The Impact of No Child Left Behind on Student Achievement.
Thomas S. Dee, Brian Jacob

The Effect of Employment Protection on Worker Effort: Evidence from Public Schooling
Brian Jacob

Do Principals Fire the Worst Teachers?
Brian Jacob

Has Competition Led to Healthier Neighborhood Effects? A Study of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Projects Built by Three Sectors
Lan Deng

Do High School Exit Exams Influence Educational Attainment or Labor Market Performance?
Brian Jacob, Thomas Dee

Test-Based Accountability and Student Achievement: An Investigation of Differential Performance on NAEP and State Assessments
Brian Jacob

Is Gaining Access to Selective Elementary Schools Gaining Ground? Evidence from Randomized Lotteries
Brian Jacob, Julie Cullen

The Persistence of Teacher-Induced Learning Gains
Brian Jacob, Lars Lefgren, David Sims

The Effects of Housing Assistance on Labor Supply: Evidence from a Voucher Lottery
Brian Jacob, Jens Ludwig

Improving Educational Outcomes for Poor Children
Brian Jacob, Jens Ludwig

The Effect of Grade Retention on High School Completion
Brian Jacob, Lars Lefgren

Can You Recognize an Effective Teacher When You Recruit One?
Brian Jacob, Thomas J. Kane, Jonah E. Rockoff, Douglas O. Staiger

Disposition of Publicly Owned Land in Cities: Learning from Cleveland and Detroit
Margaret Dewar

The Pursuit of Responsible Development: Addressing Anticipated Benefits and Unwanted Burdens through Community Benefit Agreements
Larissa Larsen

Assessing Changes in Neighborhoods Hosting the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Projects
Lan Deng

Incomplete Environmental Regulation, Imperfect Competition, and Emissions Leakage
Meredith Fowlie

The Unequal Geographic Burden of Federal Taxation
David Albouy

Are Big Cities Really Bad Places to Live? Improving Quality-of-Life Estimates across Cities
David Albouy

What Helps or Hinders Nonprofit Developers in Reusing Vacant, Abandoned, and Contaminated Property? Findings from Detroit and Cleveland
Margaret Dewar

Emissions Trading, Electricity Industry Restructuring, and Investment in Pollution Abatement
Meredith Fowlie

The Effects on Cities of "Best Practice" in Tax Foreclosure: Evidence from Detroit and Flint
Margaret Dewar

The Effect of Gun Shows on Gun-Related Deaths: Evidence from California and Texas
Brian Jacob, Mark Duggan, and Randi Hjalmarsson

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