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CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to awards made in response to proposals submitted as part of the annual PRG funding competition or the ongoing small grants PRG opportunities. PRG awards that result from CLOSUP-initiated projects may be subject to alternative guidelines.

Eligibility Criteria

For proposals submitted to the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy Policy Research Grants program, the Project Director must be a non-temporary member of the University of Michigan faculty, with at least a 50% appointment, from the instructional faculty (excluding lecturers) or the research faculty. Adjunct appointments are not eligible. Specifically, the eligible positions are:

From the instructional faculty:

From the research faculty:

Allowable Expenses

Funds awarded under the CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program may be used to fund research and outreach activities directly connected to the proposed project. CLOSUP follows the guidelines of the University of Michigan Office of the Vice President for Research to determine unallowable expenses. While not necessarily exhaustive, the following list identifies types of expenses that cannot be charged to CLOSUP funds:

Award Administration

Award Rules

Project Directors are responsible for ensuring appropriate financial and programmatic management of the award, according to the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide, in addition to all other relevant University, State and Federal regulations. In addition, the following rules are applied to all CLOSUP Policy Research Grants awards:


Each project must include a plan for communicating the research findings to a policy audience as well as an academic audience. Potential dissemination strategies include presentation of the research findings at conferences, workshops or briefing sessions attended by policymakers or publication of a short, non-technical summary of the research findings (in web or paper form).


Project Directors are responsible for submitting annual progress reports, due 30 days before the end of each project year (for multiple-year projects). In the final year of a multi-year project only a final project report is required. Final project reports are due 30 days after the award's expiration date.

Annual progress reports should include, when relevant, information regarding:

Final project reports should be written for an informed lay audience, since these reports are likely to be included on the CLOSUP web site. These reports should address the same items listed above for annual progress reports, in addition to:

Any publications, web sites, databases, or other products made possible in whole or part from CLOSUP funding should cite that support. The suggested citation is:  | 
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