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CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Program: Overview

NOTE: The Policy Research Grants Program is not active at this time. For more information, contact CLOSUP staff. Information about the PRG program is provided below for archival purposes.


The CLOSUP Policy Research Grants (PRG) program seeks to foster applied research by UM faculty that sheds light on important issues relating to state, local and urban policy. CLOSUP is particularly interested in supporting work of direct relevance to policymakers at the state and local level. While research need not involve a specific Michigan institution or program, it is expected that the results from the research will help inform important policy conversations in Michigan.


Each project should be organized around a set of problems or issues that are both theoretically motivated from within one or more academic disciplines, and that are of practical importance to state and/or local policymakers. While projects can focus on any aspect of state, local, and/or urban public policy, CLOSUP is particularly interested in projects that will inform policy conversations and issues related to the state of Michigan. Collaborative and/or interdisciplinary projects are particularly encouraged. Research teams may also include policy professionals, students, and researchers from different universities or other organizations. Funds may be used as seed money or to support ongoing activities. Proposals may request funds for research- and/or outreach-related activities such as graduate student salaries, data collection and management, workshops, conferences, publication preparation, and dissemination of results.


A central purpose of CLOSUP is to disseminate the results of academic research to the policy community. Hence, each proposal must include a description of how the findings of the research will be communicated to a policy audience as well as an academic audience. Potential dissemination strategies include presentation of the research findings at conferences, workshops or briefing sessions attended by policymakers or publication of a short, non-technical summary of the research findings (in web or paper form).

Application Process and Award Overview

Please review the program guidelines for important details on eligibility of project directors, allowable expenses, and administration of awards, including reporting requirements.

The Policy Research Grants Program is an open-ended funding opportunity: proposals are accepted throughout the year with no specific deadlines. Interested parties are strongly encouraged to contact the CLOSUP director for initial discussions before submitting a proposal. Most awards will range from a few thousand dollars up to approximately ten thousand dollars, although CLOSUP may also support larger projects. Smaller proposals will be reviewed more quickly than larger proposals. Depending on the funding request and complexity of the project, proposals may be reviewed by the CLOSUP director and staff, or may undergo additional reviews with the assistance of peer reviewers. All proposals will be judged against the review criteria noted below. Proposals must include the CLOSUP Policy Research Grants Proposal Coversheet, a short abstract of the proposed activities (not to exceed 100 words), the project narrative (not to exceed 5 pages, single-spaced with 1 inch margins and font size of at least 11 point), a line-item budget (on the Coversheet), a 1 page budget justification, and 2-page abbreviated CVs of senior project personnel. All proposals should designate a project director who will serve as the project's contact person. The project director will also be responsible for the programmatic and administrative management of the award. Forms and instructions are available on the CLOSUP website, or by contacting the CLOSUP staff via email at

Proposals are judged on the basis of:

For multi-year awards, award recipients are expected to submit short annual and final project reports, as described in the program guidelines. Additional information about eligibility, excluded budget categories, and grantee responsibilities, including financial administration of the awards, and outreach components are also available in the program guidelines.

Questions about this funding opportunity can be directed to CLOSUP staff at 647-4091, or via email to

How to Apply:

Also, see info on prior awards.
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