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The National Survey of Climate Change Opinion

Barry Rabe, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan
Christopher Borick, Institute of Public Opinion, Muhlenberg College

A CLOSUP Policy Research Grant Award (FY 2009).

This project follows up on a pilot project awarded to Professors Rabe and Borick in 2008 which studied citizen awareness and attitudes regarding climate change and policy alternatives in Michigan and Pennsyvlania. This new project extends the research to provide national survey coverage and will lead to presentations at the National Conference on Climate Governance, December 2008 at the Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia.

Key Findings Report

See the key findings report on the Virginia portion of the national survey, released in October, 2008

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pilot project

Project Abstract
See the abstract from the pilot project.

Key Findings Report
The CLOSUP Policy Report from February 2008 provides some initial findings from this project.

Brookings Institution Papers

Detroit Free Press Article
This February 14, 2008 article reviews some of the initial findings from Rabe and Borick's project.

UM Press Release
View the February 14, 2008 press release or the podcast below.  | 
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