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Youth Participation in Public Policy at the Municipal Level: A Research, Education and Outreach Project in Michigan

Barry Checkoway, School of Social Work
George Goodman, Michigan Municipal League
Larry Gant, School of Social Work
Lorraine Gutierrez, School of Social Work

Professor Checkoway and the research team received funding through CLOSUP's Major Projects Program (FY 2005) to support this project on youth participation in public policy at the municipal level.

The purpose of this two-year project is to develop knowledge of strategies for youth participation in public policy at the municipal level, with an emphasis on Michigan. Using a participatory community-based research methodology at the state, local, and cross-site levels, the researchers identify, describe, and analyze efforts to promote youth participation in three selected Michigan municipalities. The study examines effects of these programs on youth and their communities; factors which facilitate and limit participation; and lessons learned from empirically-based practice. This project also includes an outreach stategy to build municipal capacity for youth participation through education and training.

Preliminary Outcomes and Findings

While research and analysis efforts continue, the following preliminary outcomes and findings are presented as of Fall 2005:  | 
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