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The CLOSUP Major Projects Program

Prior Awards

The links below provide short descriptions of awards previously made under the CLOSUP Major Projects Program. For more information about these projects, please contact the project directors, or the CLOSUP staff.

The purpose of the CLOSUP Major Projects Program is to sponsor applied policy research that simultaneously generates new research insights and links the University of Michigan research community with the state and local public policy communities. Each project is organized around a set of problems or issues that are both theoretically motivated from within one or more academic disciplines, and that are of practical importance to state and/or local policy-makers. Each project is collaborative and interdisciplinary, involving scholars from across the University who study related problems from diverse disciplinary and methodological perspectives. Research teams may also include policy professionals, students, and researchers from different universities. Each project includes a significant outreach activity or set of activities. The Program makes available resources for research- and outreach-related activities such as graduate student salaries, data collection and management, workshops, conferences, publication preparation, and dissemination of results. Funds may be used as seed money or to support ongoing activities. Priority is given to projects that receive (or expect to receive) a significant share of their funding from other sources.  | 
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