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Connecting Policy and Community Change in Support of Increasing Educational Attainment in the State of Michigan

John Burkhardt, School of Education
Britany Allfolter-Caine, School of Education
Nathan Daun-Barnett, School of Education

Professor Burkhardt received funding through CLOSUP's Major Projects Program (FY 2006) to support this project on increasing educational attainment.

This project will attempt to reconcile apparent dissonance between commonly expressed and publicly celebrated values surrounding opportunity and educational achievement with increasingly divergent policies and public behaviors.

Through a series of policy briefs, the content of which will be drawn from the extant literarture and empirical data collected and analyzed for the Cherry Commission on Higher Education and Economic Growth and the ongoing research project Access to Democracy, this project will provide a more nuanced understanding of how communities think about educational issues in Michigan. These briefs will be in the format of occasional briefing papers to state and local leaders, who have been identified to benefit from this information. The briefs will utilize the findings of research to examine differences in attitudes within Michigan communities and will incorporate information about educational investments and outcomes at the community level.  | 
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