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Biographical Profile - Craig Ruff

Craig Ruff is Senior Policy Fellow at Public Sector Consultants, a Lansing public policy research firm. Earlier this year, he stepped down as President and CEO. As colleagues and clients detect a smattering of vital signs, he continues to serve foundations, associations, and governmental agencies on behalf of the firm. Moving from 70 to 30 hours a week afforded him more time to insult conventional wisdom, smoke cigaretttes on his deck in temperate weather, and moderate panels.

Craig spends some of his excessive leisure time chairing the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and lecturing at the Ford School at the University of Michigan. Decades ago, he graduated a couple of times from U of M. He used to understand micro and macro economics, statistical inference, and operations research, but had to shove out most of that knowledge in order to acquire new, daily, earth-shattering economic, political, and entertainment news. He likes British mysteries, Comedy Central, Entertainment Weekly, and Travel and Leisure. While he says that he reads regularly and cover-to-cover the Economist, the Financial Times, and What Has Government Done For Me Lately, it's obvious to friends that he exaggerates. Otherwise, he's a splendid soul.  | 
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