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Biographical Profile - Larry A. Good

Larry Good is Chairman of Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based national policy organization that focuses on helping communities, employers and workers to thrive in a knowledge and skill-based economy. CSW has worked in more than 45 states during its 14+ years of operation to catalyze systemic change and innovation in workforce policy and strategy.

Good leads CSW's work with the State of Michigan on its Reshaping Workforce Investment Initiative, including the creation of Regional Skill Alliances, entrepreneurship strategy, reframing of the state's approach to labor market information, reshaping low-wage worker policy, among other elements of a comprehensive strategy. He is involved with similar initiatives at a state, regional or local level in several other states as well, including currently Oklahoma and Colorado.

Good served as CSW's initial President & CEO from 1991-2005. Entering 2006, he has shifted to the role of Chairman, moving from management responsibility to focusing on strategic relationships and initiatives for the organization. Prior to co-founding CSW in 1991, Good served as a senior manager in workforce development for the State of Michigan for seven years during which time he helped invent and launch several major initiatives that were recognized nationally as leading practices.  | 
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