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Water Reuse Facility Project

League of Minnesota Cities - 2009 - City of Excellence Awards (5,000-19,999)


In an effort to promote sustainability, the City of St. Anthony, MN conducted a water reuse feasibility study that identified the potential to capture stormwater and runoff from the city campus and local streets. Ultimately, the city saved over $250,000 initially, and $25,000 annually while improving the environment and the region's surface waters.


The water reuse feasibility study was able to provide several benefits that protect the environment and improve the quality of the region’s surface waters. In addition to significantly reducing pollutants and the volume of stormwater and waste products from the city, and providing a reduction on ground water demand, the city was able to realize a one-time savings of more than $250,000 along with annual savings of at least $25,000. Additionally, the water reuse facility has already provided great educational opportunities as nearly a dozen tours of the facility have been conducted for Watershed District, city, and county officials.

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Tags: Education and Training, Sustainability/Green Issues/Environment and Natural Resources

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