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Fountain Green

The Florida League of Cities, Inc. - 2009 - FLC Municipal Achievement Award


The city of Eustis, Florida partnered with the Lake Community Foundation and seven local art groups to create Fountain Green—a downtown, unique and refreshing sculpture park that replaces and capitalizes on a former construction site in the middle of the city. The site used nontraditional, recyclable materials for the greening and cultural enhancement of its site. The city plans to followup with a city-wide sculpture program and artist-in-residence program to promote its goal of becoming an arts and culture destination.


Once an empty, barren 3.6 acre lot in the middle of downtown Eustis, the site of the former Florida Hospital Waterman, Fountain Green is now a refreshing, inspirational respite for the enjoyment of all visitors thanks to a partnership project between the Lake Community Foundation, the City, and local arts groups.

The City of Eustis agreed to lease the site from the Lake Community Foundation and turn a construction site in the middle of downtown into a pleasing vista. The stipulation of the agreement was that all of the City’s improvements were to be temporary and could easily be removed at the conclusion of the lease. All of the improvements were designed to preserve the Lake Community Foundation’s investment in infrastructure for future development when the property is sold.

A partnership was created to facilitate the design and implementation of the Fountain Green project. Partners with the City in this project include: Lake Community Foundation, Main Street’s division of Public Arts & Music, Lake Eustis Institute, Lake Eustis Museum of Art, Bay Street Players, Quality Trees and Shrubs, and the Eustis Community Redevelopment Area (CRA).

In creating the park, curvilinear walking paths were made of helicopter pads owned by the city and purchased as military surplus. Bricks were from manhole construction. The helicopter pads were also used for pedestals for the art pieces. The gazebo, columns and fountain are all moveable and recyclable. Trees, plants, plant materials and plant material were donated by Quality Trees and Shrubs, and the columns, which originally came from Disney World, are on loan from one of the partners. The fountain was donated to the City by the Lorenz Family who owns a construction firm that had demolished the Mercado Shopping Plaza in Orlando.

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Tags: Economic and Community Development, Sustainability/Green Issues/Environment and Natural Resources

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