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Citizen Involvement Initiatives

The Florida League of Cities, Inc. - 2009 - FLC Municipal Achievement Award


The city of Tallahassee, Florida, has developed numerous innovative citizen involvement initiatives. The Citizens' Police Academy, the Citizens' Fire Academy, and the Neighborhood Energy Challenge all seek to educate and spur residents to take part in changing their community and neighborhoods.


The Florida Citizenship Award was awarded to Tallahassee for its citizen involvement initiatives. The Citizens’ Police Academy has graduated more than 1,300 citizens in its 15-year history, and some graduates created their own alumni association. In The Citizens’ Fire Academy, students study and examine the equipment used by fire-rescue staff and get hands-on experience. The Neighborhood Leadership Academy provides leaders of local neighborhood associations with information about government operations, city services and how to bring about change in their neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Energy Challenge is an initiative to involve neighborhoods in a friendly competition to conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change. So far 43 neighborhood teams and 1,170 participants have taken the challenge.

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Tags: Civic/Public Participation, Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Education and Training, Sustainability/Green Issues/Environment and Natural Resources

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