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"I Value" Campaign

Alliance for Innovation - 2011 - Thomas H. Muehlenbeck Award for Excellence


For Hampton citizens who don't have time or aren't able to give feedback in a traditional way (such as commenting at a City Council meeting), Hampton has implemented a community engagement campaign entitled "I Value." This campaign offers every citizen a variety of ways to be heard and stay engaged at their convenience and personal comfort level. The campaign is designed for every citizen to have their voice heard through a variety of ways. Citizens can offer input by telephone, computer, or face-to-face in as little as five minutes or as much as two hours.


As with most local communities, Hampton is facing a very real budget challenge (a $20 million deficit) and is seeking maximum community input over the next several weeks. The question, "What do you value?" is being posed to all citizens by City Manager Mary Bunting.

"The City can do many things, but we can't read minds," said Mary Bunting. "I encourage citizens to tell us what they value because while we have many challenges, opportunities also exist in difficult times."

Citizens interested in weighing in can begin by visiting - it's that simple! The new website offers various ways to be heard which include taking a survey, attending a chat (in person or online), calling 311, email, Facebook and comment drop boxes placed at several locations around the City.

To date chats have been held at Coliseum events, Peninsula Town Center, YMCA, libraries, Boo Williams Sportsplex, and other community locations. Upcoming chats will be held at the Virginia Air and Space Center, schools, libraries, local businesses, and parks among others. By offering convenient and varied chat locations, the City seeks to ensure maximum citizen participation. For a full listing of chats, citizens are encouraged to visit

At one of the most recent informal chats, Hampton citizen Christina Stremler shared, "I chose to live in Hampton because of the quality services the City offers, Hampton Families Partnership being one of them. Hampton's culture is very inclusive which I see as a benefit and value very much."

This program also won an award from the Virginia Municipal League in 2010.

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Tags: Accountability/Open Government/Transparency, Civic/Public Participation

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