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Policy Report on Michigan's Economic Transition: Toward a Knowledge Economy.

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March 2010


The ninth in CLOSUP's series of policy reports examines Michigan's economic transition away from an industrial economy and toward a knowledge economy, using employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics covering the period 1996-2006, and data on firms and establishments from the Census Bureau covering 1998-2002. Growth in new economy sectors is contrasted with losses in the manufacturing sector. The report also examines Michigan's capacity to continue its transition toward a knowledge economy, using data from numerous sources. This report is available in PDF format. (Note: versions of this report downloaded before 12:30pm on June 22, 2007 contained data on firms and establishments that have since been revised.)

Download 'pr-9-mi-econ-transition.pdf'. PDF document

Keywords: Economy and Economic Development, Labor Supply & Workforce Development

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