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Issues in Energy and Environmental Policy


Issues in Energy and Environmental Policy, CLOSUP's Energy and Environmental Policy Initiative publication, is designed to bring the latest academic knowledge to bear on issues of energy, environment, and climate policy. The series includes reports from the National Surveys on Energy and Environment, as well as reports on a range of energy and environmental policy issues written by Center staff and other academic researchers affiliated with CLOSUP.

For additional publications concerning energy and environmental policy, please see the publications page for Director Barry Rabe.

Reports from Issues in Energy and Environmental Policy

Belief in Global Warming Among Americans Gradually Increases Following the Winter of 2015

Cap-and-Trade Support Linked to Revenue Use

Widespread Public Support for Renewable Energy Mandates Despite Proposed Rollbacks

Neighbors Diverge: An Explanation for the Differences in Silica Sand Mining Activity in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Public Perceptions of Hydraulic Fracturing in Three Marcellus Shale States

Acceptance of Global Warming Among Americans Moderately Increases in Late 2014

Public Support for Regulation of Power Plant Emissions Under the Clean Power Plan

Public Opinion on Hydraulic Fracturing in the province of Quebec: A Comparison with Michigan and Pennsylvania

Opportunity, Risk, and Public Acceptability: The Question of Shale Gas Exploitation in Québec

Shale Governance in the European Union: Principles and Practice

Public Perceptions of Shale Gas Extraction and Hydraulic Fracturing in New York and Pennsylvania

Public Views on a Carbon Tax Depend on the Proposed Use of Revenue​

American Acceptance of Global Warming Retreats in Wake of Winter 2014

Public Opinion on Climate Change and Support for Various Policy Instruments in Canada and the US

Environmental Policy in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion

Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion

Wind Energy Development in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion

The Decline of Public Support for State Climate Change Policies: 2008-2013

Using Information Disclosure to Achieve Policy Goals: How Experience with the Toxics Release Inventory Can Inform Action on Natural Gas Fracturing

State of the Debate: Natural Gas Fracking in New York’s Marcellus Shale

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