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September 2008, Friday
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Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm
On September 12th, come learn about carbon markets, carbon finance and the
growing career opportunities in the emerging carbon field at the:


Are you interested in the financial market developing around carbon dioxide emission credits? Do you want to know what businesses are doing to address their carbon liabilities and why they believe it is important? Then come learn from and network with professionals engaged in the emerging carbon
markets and learn how to get involved in this space.

Symposium panels will address carbon markets, businesses strategy, carbon offsets, and carbon in our energy supply and will include representatives from:

* Clear Carbon Consulting
* Climate Change Capital
* Cummins
* Duke Energy
* DTE Energy
* E.ON Climate & Renewables
* GE/AES Greenhouse Gas Services
* Green-e
* Pacific Gas & Electric
* Point Carbon
* Wal-Mart

Register soon, as space for the Carbon Symposium is limited! Click on this link to reserve your spot:

While the symposium is open to everyone without charge, there will be a special invitation only networking lunch at the symposium that will be opened to members of the Ross Energy Club first. Watch for details in the next 2 weeks.

Hope to see you there!

~The Ross Energy Club

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