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Election '08's Impact on Michigan: The Candidates’ Positions on Energy, the Environment, and the Economy

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According to local government leaders, the cost of housing is seen as a barrier to local economic development efforts in 21% of the state's jurisdictions. Cost of housing is reported as an asset in 42% of these local jurisdictions.

MPPS, Spring 2009

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Michigan's local government leaders have less trust in the state government than Michigan's citizens have. While 18% of Michigan's citizens trust the state government nearly always or most of the time, only 9% of Michigan's local government leaders feel the same. And while 27% of the state's citizens say they seldom or never trust the state government in Lansing, this number jumps to 49% of the state's local leaders, and 71% of Michigan's county government leaders.

MPPS, Spring 2009
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